About Me

Photographer. Blogger. Starbucks Addict. Magically Delicious.

Welcome to Living Faerie, I'm here for those that want to find the magic in the everyday life. 

I blog for the lost ones, the parents, the magic seekers, and lightworkers. The mom who doesn’t know what to do anymore and thinks no one can possibly understand. The person so lost that they can’t tell you what is wrong or why they are upset. In short, I blog to help people and to help myself.

I’m Amanda Brueckner, I’m a blogger and lifestyle photographer, a land bound mermaid and Starbucks addict. I like to help people capture the magic of everyday life. I'm a momma to wonderfully mischievous faeries, who may drive me crazy but make life worth living.

Yeah, I’m a beautiful disaster, and you love it.

But why should you come here? Why read the blog? Well, I’m a demi-goddess of course, kidding! Really though I have always sought out the magic in everything I do, so I am great at helping others find it. And I love to help people.

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