Big Dreams Big Prints

A while back I was given a chance from the Canvas Factory to have a print made of one of my photos, I chose the one above from my Winter Faerie set ... and it turned out beautifully!

There's something about having a big print made of one of your photography prints.

They let me get a 16x20 canvas backed print of my photograph done, and man, it came out beautifully. Like you can post them online, print out an 8x10 but it's not the same as seeing a BIG print of a magical moment you caught in time.

They did a wonderful job with this print, there's not even words to tell you how great it came out. And these photos don't do it justice. It looks beautiful hanging in the hallway and I feel a well of pride every time I walk past it.

I definitely recommend one getting a big print made of your photography and I recommending using the Canvas Factory. They gifted this to me in exchange for my honest review but regularly it would cost around $40 which is a great price!

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