5 Tips for Styling Your Bedroom as Your Relaxation Haven

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As a mom, you must take care of yourself as you are constantly multitasking with your children and partner. Daily life and chores can be demanding, so having your bedroom as a haven is a must.

Imagine having a bedroom that is clutter-free and is stylized for the sole purpose of rest and relaxation. At the end of a long day, you have a perfect place to escape from all the chaos of your life.

See the following simple tips on how to quickly transform your bedroom into sleep central.

1. Take Out the Electronics

Since we are asleep for a third of our lives, it makes sense that we take active steps to protect our sleep as an essential part of life. It;s worth taking the time to turn off your social media in the bedroom, especially your cell phone if you scroll through Facebook in bed before you go to sleep at night.

While you are at it, take your TV out of your bedroom altogether, along with tablets, phones, and any other device that could distract you - the blue light emitted from these objects can actually force you to stay up longer.

2. Dedicate Your Bedroom Only to Sleep

As part of ridding your bedroom of electronics that can distract and overstimulate you, it is important to make your bedroom just for sleep altogether. To make your bedroom a sleep haven, remove exercise equipment, work-related documents, and any other non-sleep related items like unnecessary decorations and clutter that can increase stress and distract you from sleep. Consider clearing your countertops and shelf space in your bedroom of anything that is not directly related to sleep.

3. Try Some Feng Shui

Feng shui refers to a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. You can use these principles or laws in your bedroom, if you believe in this impact of energy flow based on the placement of furniture and objects in a room.

Accordingly, consider feng shui guidelines for bed structure and placement that promote deeper, quality sleep. Bed guidelines in feng shui mean a solid headboard, good frame height, and no underneath storage. Use this powerful energy of love and healing in your bedroom.

4. Style Your Bedside Table

Carefully choose what goes on your bedside table and be strategic. Like on bedroom furniture countertops and shelves, avoid clutter and unnecessary items on your bedside table as well, choosing only the essentials for sleep. Consider light reading material, an essential oils diffuser, a sleep mask, and an alarm clock if it doesn’t distract you.

5. Add a Plant or Two

Plants are an excellent natural remedy that help facilitate sleep in two main ways. Plants are shown to be a proven stress reducer and even lower blood pressure. Also, plants are known to significantly reduce indoor air pollution that can prohibit sleep, since the toxins found indoors can cause irritation, plus swelling and congestion of airways, both causing sleep deprivation. Some plants are more effective than others in detoxing your home, so make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Once you are a mom, getting a full night’s rest may seem like a thing of the past, but it is obtainable in a space in the house you can make your own. Use these quick and easy tips to make your bedroom your own sleep sanctuary.

Author Bio: Laurie is a freelance writer on the east coast who enjoys writing on health and lifestyle topics and spending her free time outdoors. 

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