How I Tame My Curly Hair

So if you didn't know already I have some curly hair, and recently I came across a meme on Facebook that totally made sense to me. Curly hair is fun, beautiful and carefree till it's on your head and you need to make it presentable.

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I feel this meme on a soul level. Asking me to go anywhere in the morning before I can shower requires me to either show up rocking some crazy curls or throwing my hair back in a bun. It's also something I have to constantly explain to the boyfriend as to why I can't shower at night, my hair will be a horror show in the morning.

To be honest this was a calm morning hair and you can still see how some of it is trying to stick up. And no brushing doesn't help. I really only brush it in the morning if I want to be able to put it up since I can't even get my fingers through this mess.

Here are my Faerie Tips on Taming the Wild Curls

  • First, you got to brush that mess! So get yourself a good brush, a detangling one is nice if you need to quickly get the hair brushed and up, but what you want is one that is going to distribute the oils down the hair shaft.

  • Second is wash if it's a shampoo day. I try to only shampoo my hair every other day, but I sweat in my sleep so it depends on whether I feel if my hair needs it or not. But only do the roots! This is especially important for curly girls because shampoo tends to strip your hair and the curls need moisture.

  • Third is massage that scalp! I put this third because you should either do this when you are shampooing or if it's not a wash day do it doing while you condition. I use this handheld little thing called a shampoo brush, it's recommended to promote hair growth, it also stimulates those oils.

  • Fourth condition baby! Use a good thick conditioner that promotes smoothness or moisture. And coat that hair good. Work it in from tip to root, curls need lots of conditioning. I like to leave it on for a few minutes as almost like a mini mask while I wash up.

  • Fifth comb it out. Before you rinse get a good wide tooth comb, and comb the condition through your hair. Not only does this make sure its all through your hair but it gets out most of the tangles.

Congrats! You made it through the shower. Now make sure not to rough up that hair you want to squeeze it out with the towel. Then you want to get a microfiber towel, or a headwrap one, or a t-shirt(!) and comb out the hair with that wide tooth comb again and wrap it up.

Then to finish it all off you'll want a good smoothing cream or leave in conditioner. Get a good dollop in your hand and hand comb it through the hair. Then get that detangling brush out, if you got one, if not get your trusty wide tooth comb and brush out your hair. I usually hand comb it again to get the nice waves all throughout.

Ta-Da! I have transformed my hair!

Here's what I use:
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