Spring Goals

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Hey guys! I know I have been missing the personal touch here on the blog lately. I'm trying to fix that. So let's dive in since it's officially Spring now I figured I would pick a few goals for the season.

I think you can probably guess what the first goal is going to be, that's right, being more active on the blog. I need to start doing more here personally, not just guest posts. Plus I have a ton of review backlog that I need to get through!

I really need to start using my planner system more, right now I'm actually making a review list, which is why I know I'm so far behind. Hopefully, if I start using it more I won't get so backlogged.

Get the house in order! This one is going to kill me, probably. If you remember I was limited in what I could do because of the injury on my leg so things piled up. Not to say that my lovely boyfriend didn't do anything but his level of picked up is not the same as mine. Not to mention he tried to focus on the kids' room and that is like a neverending battle.

Get back in the habit of going to the gym. I and my boyfriend are going to start going again. I need to get back into that habit since it helps with my pain and I need to be more active again since I can.

So there you go, I got four goals for the Spring season right now. What are your goals?

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