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You’ve already made your New Year’s resolutions. And they’re excellent instruments for self-improvement that you shouldn’t shy away from. For one thing, a list of goals forces you to think about your life, and particularly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Resolutions also provide specific challenges to overcome, whether it’s related to your health, your career or your personal life.

So, what should you do in 2019? Here are a few ideas for having your best year yet.

Take Control of Anxiety

With all the stress and worrying about needs of others in your daily life, it’s important to make self-care a priority. One of the first areas you should address is anxiety. While medications can suppress anxiety, they can also come with a long list of potential side effects. It’s no wonder that more people are searching for a natural solution to ease their turbulent thoughts. CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular as a method of reducing anxiety. If this seems like an option you want to try, make sure you learn more about CBD first by researching online.

Revamp Your Exercise Routine

Changing up your fitness routine is one of the most effective means to burning more calories and building muscle. Besides busting through those pesky plateaus, you’ll also keep from getting bored, which happens easily when you’re doing the same exercises at the gym over and over again. A lower risk of overuse injuries is just the icing on the cake.

Improve Your Diet

The importance of healthy eating can’t be stressed enough. You’ve probably already been bombarded with articles explaining the benefits of packing in plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. What you may not have considered is getting all that goodness by learning some new recipes to keep things interesting on your plate.

Mind Your Dental Hygiene

There’s more to dental hygiene than just brushing and flossing on the regular to keep your teeth pearly white. Make an appointment with the dentist to make sure everything in your mouth is on the up and up. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated the link between poor dental hygiene and mental illnesses such as depression. Think of that check-up as a vital part of your self-care.

Expand Your Intellect

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do learn is by reading, so turn off your TV and pick up a book. Billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett reads at least 500 pages a day, which may be a bit much if you’re busy and pressed for time. There’s nothing stopping you from doing what you can on your lunch break or before bed, though.

Take a Step Up Professionally

You can ask for that promotion you deserve or even branch out on your own and set up a small business using the knowledge you’ve acquired through years on the job. Both of those options might require some additional education, so explore training and courses that will give you a leg up while challenging your mind.

Forge Deeper Relationships

A vibrant and supportive social life is as important to your overall well-being as diet and exercise, perhaps even more so. That’s why you shouldn’t treat your friends as just a source of fun and amusement; it’s also important to strengthen your emotional bonds with them. According to a writer with Lifehacker, a great way to do that is planning activities that spark meaningful conversations.

Lend a Hand

What could be better than helping those in need while also finding a source of happiness and pride? Those are just two of the reasons to volunteer, along with making some friends and even giving your career a boost, says a doctor writing for Psychology Today. Get in touch with a non-profit that interests you, and get to it.

Spend More Time Outdoors

If you need a reason to go outside more often, here are 12. One of the more important ones is that a hike in the woods or a day at the beach actually enhances your short-term memory. It’s also an excellent way to relieve some of that stress from your hectic lifestyle.

If you follow a few of these suggestions, you’re likely to have a fantastic 2019. Remember to visualize success and reward the little victories along the way in order to stay on track.

Stephanie is living her best life! Giving herself a boost through personal development, there are three main aspects she focuses on: self-knowledge, self-care and self actualization.

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