Sparking Learning with Cinderella

Experience the magic of Cinderella like never before with this gorgeous interactive sound book! Bring this classic fairy tale to life with music by using your magic wand. Simply tap the wand on the musical note to activate the sounds. Become the Fairy Godmother's assistant and help Cinderella go to the ball and meet her prince: just turn the page and see the magic happen!

I was so happy to get this book from Quarto Knows for my daughter, she loves fairy tales and music. They promoted it by saying use this as a way to get the tablet out of your kid's hands. It's an interactive storybook of Cinderella, it comes with the fairy godmother's wand that you pop out. Not only is this wand adorable, but you use it to make the music play along with the story.  

As you can see not only did my daughter love the book and wand but she took it a step further and tried to write out Cinderella in cursive like on the book cover! I was so impressed, she's 7 and in second grade so she hasn't been taught cursive yet. I even asked her if her brother helped her and she (and he) say no.

I would say this book is a definite win! I definitely recommend it. Quarto Knows recommends it for ages 3-7 and you can get it at the link above, and there are other stories as well!

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