7 Great Tips For Beautiful Kid's Fall Photos


Leaves provide the most beautiful backdrop for photos, and as a bonus kids can play with them. It is important to emphasize play in a photo session with kids. There is less pressure for both the kids and you to “do a good job” and “get the perfect photo.” After all, the photo is already great because it is your life and your memories are unique to your story.


Family portraits are lovely and having everyone looking at the camera is a great accomplishment for parents (and photographers for that matter). The moments in between, however, I find are even more special. Seeing how your kids relate to each other really brings out their personalities and brings the portrait to life in a way a posed photo doesn’t. Below is a great example. This family was so fun to photograph, and we got great “portrait shots” but the one they loved the most and is currently placed with pride on their wall is the second shot with the kids laughing. “Those are my kids, I could look at that everyday and it brings me so much joy.”


Take advantage of a beautiful Fall sky to create stunning silhouette photos. These are best taken right as the sun has just gone down, and by bumping up the contrast in your edits (this can be done on phones as well). I believe in “your life as art” and these photos are a great opportunity to create a work of art featuring the ones you love. This was taken by a lake in Mystic Connecticut and is hanging on my wall as a large canvas.


Fall offers great colors, yes, but it also comes with fresh apples, pumpkins, and delicious cider doughnuts. Incorporate these into your Fall photos, and it will bring you right back to that time. The sights and smells of a new Season and how it felt to be a kid: which started your love for all things Fall.


Back to school portraits are key and a must-have for your family time capsule. Getting on the bus and bus stop photos are a no-brainer, but why not try a special portrait before all the back to school madness begins? This is a great chance to take some photos with their brand-new backpack that they love and ask questions about how they are feeling about the new year. The great thing about photos is that you have to connect, it is you and your child, and it is a lovely way to have a conversation while creating treasured moments. Show your child the photos as you take them to get them excited and have them come up with ideas as well.


To capture a great portrait of your child is to stop time, what a magical gift… We never have to be reminded how fast our kids grow up (as a matter of fact, please don’t remind us) but how lucky we are that photos can capture these moments and give them back to us and future generations. A beautiful portrait of your child, when taken with love and patience is priceless. These kinds of photos should not be rushed…to slow down time, slow yourself down, and let the moment come to you. You know who your child is and if you give them the chance they will reflect that right back.


There is so much to do in the Fall that makes for many great photo opportunities. Take time to get those firsts and playful moments that round out that time of life. Below are a few shots of my son: the first is the time he got his face painted after a long day at the local fair. The second was after his first puddle jumping experience. A rainbow came out after the storm, making it the perfect way to end the day. I treasure these firsts as they only come once. The story of his life one first at a time…

Alicia Levy’s background in sketch comedy enables her to connect with her subjects, get them laughing and relaxed, and immediately relieving them of the need to do a great job or get a great photo.

With kids, Alicia goes with the flow to really observe who they are and what they love. “I use the ‘yes and’ concept from my improv background. You go with the energy of the child and let them lead creating fun games that result in wonderful images.”

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