Ultimate Unicorn Horn #technochic

As you know me and my kids love everything to do with mermaids but we also love Unicorns! Especially ones that light up. So when TechnoChic messaged me asking if I would like to decorate a Unicorn horn I was like yes, my daughter, Ariel, would love that.

A little about TechnoChic: 

TechnoChic makes DIY tech-craft kits that bring the awesome world of DIY electronics into arts & crafts. These stylish, fun and easy craft projects have been featured on ABC's "The Toy Box," have won the Craft Business Awards "Best Education Product 2018" and have won ribbons at Maker Faires across the country.

Ariel and I were given the headband with the unicorn horn, light and ears attached to decorated. We decided to use white and teal glitter and some nautical style rope to decorate our horn. We made the ears teal and made the horn white and teal. We used the rope to make some hair.

The Ultimate Unicorn Costume Kit lets crafters make 4 light-up projects: 

A Light-Up Unicorn Headband, A Light-Up Wand, A Light-Up Tutu, and a Twinkling Trick-or-Treat Bag. With all 4 combined, this Ultimate Unicorn costume will make any crafter the talk of the party while they learn to incorporate electronics into their creations. The kits will ship in September - perfect timing to create the costumes for Halloween, or to gift the kit to a unicorn lover for the December holidays.

Ariel has named it the Sea Unicorn! 

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