How to Make Your Bathroom Safer for Your Kids

The best way to keep your kids safe from possible bathroom injuries is by restricting their entry into the room unless they’re supervised. After all, there are possible accidents that can happen if you leave your kids alone in the bathroom in just a few seconds. Apart from looking after your kids, you should also add more safety features to ensure the protection of your children. Below are our tips on how to do so!

*Prevent slips and slides

Adults can get into slipping accidents and kids are more prone to these hazards, especially toddlers who still have trouble balancing their movement. You can virtually avoid sliding incidents in the bathroom by placing a non-slip rug and/or strips.

*Keep the bathroom dry 

Apart from preventing slipping incidents, keeping your bathroom damp free is also recommended in order to avoid the growth of moulds. These fungi thrive on moisture; something that your bathroom is highly abundant of. You don’t want moulds covering your bathroom since it can cause respiratory problems to your whole family and not to mention its unsightly.  Preventing moisture buildup can be done by wiping puddles of water with a mop or cloth. You should also have a high-quality ventilation system in order to dry the bathroom faster and improve the overall air quality.

*Be careful of the water temperature you’re using

Your skin may have the tolerance of being exposed to warm water but your child’s skin are still delicate. Kids are more prone to scalding so you need to be extra careful. To avoid scalding incidents, ensure that the water temperature doesn’t go beyond 48.9℃ (120℉). Another important thing to take note is that if your child is old enough to turn the faucets on their own, you should teach them to always run cold water before the hot one.

For added safety, you can also install anti-scald valves to prevent scalding. These revolutionary valves prevent water from going the 120℉ threshold which is a noteworthy feature you should be considering.

*Managing electrical devices in the bathroom 

As much as possible, your electrical devices shouldn’t be used or stored in the bathroom. Apart from possible electrocutions, your kids might play with them and suffer from accidents. Ideally, your electrical devices (razors, hair dryers, etc.) should be used in another room where no water is present.

If you’re still transitioning to an electrical appliance-free bathroom, you must make sure you unplug the appliances when not using them and store it securely with a safety lock. This is to avoid your children from playing with these said appliances.

*Be careful when storing medicine 

Although there are safety caps in some medicines, not all of them have this safety feature. Besides, a curious child can still open medicine containers if they’re really determined. The best way to keep your medicine far from the reaches of your kid is to store it in a secure and locked cabinet. To the avoid hassle of opening and closing the cabinet, keep frequently used hygiene essentials such as shampoos, soaps, and toothpaste outside.

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