Ultimate Unicorn Horn #technochic

As you know me and my kids love everything to do with mermaids but we also love Unicorns! Especially ones that light up. So when TechnoChic messaged me asking if I would like to decorate a Unicorn horn I was like yes, my daughter, Ariel, would love that.

A little about TechnoChic: 

TechnoChic makes DIY tech-craft kits that bring the awesome world of DIY electronics into arts & crafts. These stylish, fun and easy craft projects have been featured on ABC's "The Toy Box," have won the Craft Business Awards "Best Education Product 2018" and have won ribbons at Maker Faires across the country.

Ariel and I were given the headband with the unicorn horn, light and ears attached to decorated. We decided to use white and teal glitter and some nautical style rope to decorate our horn. We made the ears teal and made the horn white and teal. We used the rope to make some hair.

The Ultimate Unicorn Costume Kit lets crafters make 4 light-up projects: 

A Light-Up Unicorn Headband, A Light-Up Wand, A Light-Up Tutu, and a Twinkling Trick-or-Treat Bag. With all 4 combined, this Ultimate Unicorn costume will make any crafter the talk of the party while they learn to incorporate electronics into their creations. The kits will ship in September - perfect timing to create the costumes for Halloween, or to gift the kit to a unicorn lover for the December holidays.

Ariel has named it the Sea Unicorn! 

Princess #mermaidmonday

Lost Fairy Tale by lovehate-eternal
The princess
She always loved the sea
She stared at it all night and day
Many wondered why
But few knew
Knew the truth
The princess was once
Part of the sea
She was a mermaid
She was married
To the prince
See they thought
By binding the mermaid
To the prince
They would have control of the seas
Instead, she stared at it
Longing to go home
Watching every ship
Sink beneath the waves

Searching #mermaidmonday

Mermaid in Maiden Tower by khaljdzz

How to Make Your Bathroom Safer for Your Kids

The best way to keep your kids safe from possible bathroom injuries is by restricting their entry into the room unless they’re supervised. After all, there are possible accidents that can happen if you leave your kids alone in the bathroom in just a few seconds. Apart from looking after your kids, you should also add more safety features to ensure the protection of your children. Below are our tips on how to do so!

*Prevent slips and slides

Adults can get into slipping accidents and kids are more prone to these hazards, especially toddlers who still have trouble balancing their movement. You can virtually avoid sliding incidents in the bathroom by placing a non-slip rug and/or strips.

*Keep the bathroom dry 

Apart from preventing slipping incidents, keeping your bathroom damp free is also recommended in order to avoid the growth of moulds. These fungi thrive on moisture; something that your bathroom is highly abundant of. You don’t want moulds covering your bathroom since it can cause respiratory problems to your whole family and not to mention its unsightly.  Preventing moisture buildup can be done by wiping puddles of water with a mop or cloth. You should also have a high-quality ventilation system in order to dry the bathroom faster and improve the overall air quality.

*Be careful of the water temperature you’re using

Your skin may have the tolerance of being exposed to warm water but your child’s skin are still delicate. Kids are more prone to scalding so you need to be extra careful. To avoid scalding incidents, ensure that the water temperature doesn’t go beyond 48.9℃ (120℉). Another important thing to take note is that if your child is old enough to turn the faucets on their own, you should teach them to always run cold water before the hot one.

For added safety, you can also install anti-scald valves to prevent scalding. These revolutionary valves prevent water from going the 120℉ threshold which is a noteworthy feature you should be considering.

*Managing electrical devices in the bathroom 

As much as possible, your electrical devices shouldn’t be used or stored in the bathroom. Apart from possible electrocutions, your kids might play with them and suffer from accidents. Ideally, your electrical devices (razors, hair dryers, etc.) should be used in another room where no water is present.

If you’re still transitioning to an electrical appliance-free bathroom, you must make sure you unplug the appliances when not using them and store it securely with a safety lock. This is to avoid your children from playing with these said appliances.

*Be careful when storing medicine 

Although there are safety caps in some medicines, not all of them have this safety feature. Besides, a curious child can still open medicine containers if they’re really determined. The best way to keep your medicine far from the reaches of your kid is to store it in a secure and locked cabinet. To the avoid hassle of opening and closing the cabinet, keep frequently used hygiene essentials such as shampoos, soaps, and toothpaste outside.

Katie Jones is an home improvement enthusiasts who is willing to share her tips and tricks! She is also the content curator of DrDrip Plumbing. You can check out more of her blogs and home improvement guide in https://www.drdripplumbing.com.au/blog/.

How to Beat Swimsuit Season Anxiety

Expert Neuropsychologist 
Gives 7 Hacks for Body and Mind

Since January we’ve been bombarded with ads urging us to slim down and “get your body in shape by summer.” “Lose weight by Memorial Day.” While some women manage to meet their weight loss goals in time to feel confident in their swimsuit, the majority of us don’t. While we can disguise unwanted pounds in heavy layers during winter, in summer there’s nowhere to hide when you’re invited to that pool side BBQ. Why should we have to hide? We turned to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, New York City based neuropsychologist and Teaching Faculty Member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College to give us some tips on how to boost body image despite the number on the scale.

1. Recognize (and Stop) all the fat talk.

"Women are notorious for commiserating when it comes to body image," says Dr. Hafeez. If a woman says, 'I'm so fat,' the other woman might feel like she has to say 'no, I'm the fat one.’ ‘Have you seen my thighs?’ Then there's this back and forth over whose body is worse to elevate the other person. “Even women who don't feel negatively about their bodies will engage in this behavior and eventually, it can make them feel worse,” says Dr. Hafeez. Dr. Hafeez suggests taking the lead in offering compliments to friends and steering the conversation away from negative self-talk which serves no one.

2. Don’t compare yourself to the ‘Insta thin.’ 

Comparing your “booty” or thighs to the countless fitness influencers on Instagram will do nothing to bolster your self-image. Instead, follow and like beautiful photos of healthy foods, plated and perfect. “You want to encourage well-being not get yourself down by comparing yourself to women who work out with trainers, are significantly younger and whose livelihood it is to be a swimsuit model. Comparison leads to discouragement, warns Hafeez.”

3. Focus on improvement.

When it comes to your body, focusing on what you think is a problem area is just going to make you feel worse. Once you’ve acknowledged what you want to work on, focus on ways to improve and celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. “If you haven’t reached your fitness goal understand it is a work in progress. Stick with it. Working out will also raise your endorphins which help to induce feelings of pleasure and reduce anxiety naturally,” says Dr. Hafeez.

4. Be kind to yourself and commit not to a size, but to a lifestyle.

Doing something kind for your body serves as positive reinforcement. “You want to stay focused on the bigger picture. It’s about a healthy lifestyle not looking like a swimsuit model,” says Dr. Hafeez. Did you try new healthy recipes, opted out of dessert, drank water instead of coffee or diet sodas? Then praise yourself and treat yourself to a massage, a nice long uninterrupted shower with music, a pedicure, a facial or a delicious smelling body lotion. 

“By taking some time for you, and doing something that makes you feel physically great, it’ll help you’ll feel well emotionally,” Dr. Hafeez explains.

5. Undo the negative programming about your body.

Undoing negative thoughts about our bodies doesn’t happen overnight. Here are a few questions to consider when feeling down or anxious about your body.

How would it feel to savor the sensation of warm sun on my skin?

How would my body feel immersed in water on a stiflingly hot day?

How might swimming help me relax or exercise more?

What am I willing to do to reach my goal weight?

What 3 things can I appreciate about my body right now?

“It may also help to remind yourself that most people at the beach or pool are feeling sensitive about their bodies, too. They may not show it, but that doesn’t mean they are totally secure, happy and confident with their body.”

6. Focus on the fun!

The majority of us live in climates where the summer is over quickly. Do you really want to spend the summer complaining about your body or, would you rather have fun? Think about how relaxing it will be to enjoy that good book with the sound of the waves in the background, napping under the umbrella, warmer temperatures, backyard get-togethers and night swimming in the pool. “You can spend your summer obsessing over cellulite or, you can enjoy time with your kids eating homemade fruit pops. Always choose fun,” suggests Dr. Hafeez. 

7. Finally, remind yourself why you are here? 

You are so much more than your body. What are you doing with your life, besides obsessing about your body? Are you a parent who is raising confident kids, a student advancing your education, a loyal friend, pet owner, or a self-employed trailblazer? Focus on all you do, and want to do, with your mind and body. You’ll quickly realize you have more to offer the world than a 24-inch waist.

About the Doctor:

Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD is a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, P.C. a neuropsychological, developmental and educational center in Manhattan and Queens.

Dr. Hafeez masterfully applies her years of experience connecting psychological implications to address some of today’s common issues such as body image, social media addiction, relationships, workplace stress, parenting and psychopathology (bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc…). In addition, Dr. Hafeez works with individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, attention and memory problems, and abuse. Dr. Hafeez often shares her credible expertise to various news outlets in New York City and frequently appears on CNN and Dr.Oz.

Connect with her via twitter @comprehendMind or www.comprehendthemind.com

Sparkle Sparkle #mermaidmonday

Mermaid by Aprilzabeth

Let your sparkle shine!