Keeping the Germs at Bay

Its that lovely time of year when everyone has the sniffles. And when you have two mischievous faeries running around like I do you need something to help with keeping the germs at bay. That's why I jumped at the chance for some samples from Softsoap.

They sent me two of their Antibacterial Hand Soaps and the kids loved them. I loved that they helped keep the germs away.

via softsoap

One of the soaps they sent me was their Crisp & Clean Soap and it was great a nice simple smell. The kids used it and had no complaints.

via softsoap

The other was their Lemon Hand Soap which, to be honest, was my favorite. I loved the smell, it was this sweet crisp citrus smell.

The best way to keep germs away is to make sure you clean your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, your nose when you sneeze and dress appropriately for the weather. Good luck out there!

I was given samples for my honest review, if you use my links to buy something I may get a little money. 

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