Catching Up #mermaidmonday

mermaid by Jill-Wan
For the past few weeks or so I haven't been feeling well, been feeling rundown and tired and just plain exhausted. You see the problem was everyone was sick with this virus or with strep, so I just figured I was sick and it would pass. I kept pushing through and doing what I needed to do. Well....

I was wrong. Oh, boy was I wrong. Turns out I had somehow become very anemic like my levels were dangerously low. I had to get a blood transfusion done. Which by the way I hadn't noticed that my freckles had faded away I was so pale. I have to get an iron infusion done tomorrow but I'm already feeling much better than I was. I feel like I have more energy and can focus. I actually didn't wake up exhausted!

Looks like from now on I need to pay attention more to my body and how I'm feeling. I look forward to catching up with everyone and getting some work done.

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