How to Tell if You're Overfeeding Your Baby

4 Signs That You're Overfeeding Your Baby

Do you think that your baby is overfed? I’m going to try and answer this question in this article!  Below are some of the things that may suggest that your little ones may be eating more than they should.

According to an article, overfeeding a baby is rare, but it can happen. Aside from signs
that you should take note of, I’m also going to provide ways on how to prevent it.

I hope the items below would be helpful to you!

  1. Your baby is showing signs of discomfort.
One of the most common reasons why babies get fussy is stomach discomfort due to overeating, so watch out for this! Pay attention to their movements and see if they appear uneasy and uncomfortable.

My daughter, when she was three months old, would usually appear irritated every time she’s had too much milk to drink. My advice is to focus on how your baby reacts when he/she stops feeding - they’re smarter than you think! Most babies stop eating when they’re full, and react when they need more.

Tip for those who breastfeed: babies who are getting full usually take longer pauses between sucking, and would turn away from the breast.

  1. Your baby is having trouble sleeping.
This is no different to what adults experience. For instance, every time I eat too much (or drink more liquid than I should), I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep or wake up a couple of times in the middle of the night.

Of course, poor sleeping habits don’t always suggest overfeeding, but it’s something that you should look into if you think your baby is overfed.

  1. You’re changing your baby’s diaper more often than usual.
If you’re changing you little one’s nappy for around eight times or more each day, you might be overfeeding them.

Babies older than six weeks and older use about four to five diapers every 24 hours. If you notice that yours urinates more frequently than this, then you may be giving them extra milk.  

  1. Your baby passes gas a lot.
Does your baby fart or burp a lot? This, too, can suggest overeating. The culprit here is the milk - it’s possible that they’re not able to break down all of the lactose they take in, and their little stomachs still aren’t able to process everything at once.

When fed too much, there is a possibility that your baby is swallowing air (which in effect produces gas). You don’t have anything to worry about - flatulence is completely normal!

There you have it!
I hope this article was helpful! Don’t worry too much if you feel that you’re overfeeding your baby because chances are, you aren’t. Hopefully these tips will make you less anxious!

While these things could help you observe your baby, I still highly recommend that you consult your pediatrician if you’re worried. It’s always best to consult a professional!

Leave your comments and suggestions below if you have any! I’d love to hear from my readers. Good luck, and thank you for visiting!


Hey there! I’m Stacy Belk. I’m a mother of two girls aged two and six, and wife to a loving husband. I bake, do a lot of DIY projects for our home, and love being outdoors! See more at my blog MomWoot.Com

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