How to Build a Healthy Family in 6 Tips

6 Tips To Build A Healthy Family

With the obesity problem of children in the United States, parents are more concerned than ever. While most parents say they want to raise a healthy family, few actually do it. In the tips below you will see that the parent who wants to create a healthy lifestyle works with their child. They teach and participate. This is why they are successful when so many others fail.

  • Teach children to understand their bodies while you control portion sizes.

Parents will prepare a meal of meat, vegetables, fruit, and bread and they will put all of it on their child’s plate. The parent seems to have a misconception that if their child eats all of this healthy food, they will be healthy. Even if the parent takes great care in the preparation of food by limiting fat, sugars, and salt, the volume of the food placed on their plate is unhealthy.

Instead: When a child is young feed them small portions. If they ask for more, ask them if their tummy feels comfy. If they feel hungry give them a half portion.  When a small child asks if they can leave the table, ask them if their tummy feels comfy and not hungry. The questions help the child understand you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are not.

  • Only water at the table
Everyone needs to drink fresh, clean water. Children do what their parents do. By drinking water with your meals, you teach your children that water is the correct choice.

  • Include them in family duties
Kids today are too connected electronically. Toys are electronic. They get cell phones early. They use the computer even in elementary school. While this can be good intellectually, it is bad physically. Children should be included in the work the parents do. Have the children help with the cooking, dry some dishes, or set the table. If dad is washing the car, they can help. If there is housework to do, give them a job. This allows forces them to move more and keep a connection with you. A family is a unit that must stay close to be healthy.

  • Offer selections, but do not make anything off limits
If there is a holiday party or a birthday party coming up, your kids want the same sinfully sweet desserts that their friends have. While a huge cake with ice cream is not a great choice, one small serving would not hurt them. However, it is the leftover cake and ice cream that ruins the week. Instead, offer them a fantastic candy buffet. You can order bulk wholesale candy. You can mix sugar-free, gluten free, fat-free candy with standard candy to lower the children’s sugar intake. At the end of the party, bag up the leftover candy and give it to the guests as they are leaving. Your child has a great party and everything is gone in one night.

  • Eat at least one meal per day together
It is a difficult world to grow up in. Every day the family should come together and share life. Find out what is happening in school. Let them know when something did not go right at work. Of course, you do not include children in an adult problem, but let them know that bad days happen and we deal with it as a team.

  • Build each other up

When someone in the family unit eats the wrong thing, doesn’t get outside all day, or stays up too late. It is okay to acknowledge it. But never make them feel like they are bad because of it. This lowers their self-esteem and they relive that bad feeling every time they make a mistake. Over a lifetime this creates an unhappy person. This is important because it is teaching your family that every member is human and every member is valued even when they make a mistake.

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