Hello June

Today is the first day of June! Summer is right around the corner. School is ending soon, meaning I'll have to work twice are hard to get things done with the kids home.

I have a couple of goals for June though. 

1. Use my planner more often. 

Not just for jotting down dates and such, but for planning out blog posts, summer deals for my Etsy shop and photography sessions.

2. Journal more. 

Yes, my planner will have some journal aspects but I need to my morning pages or a brain dump everyday in my journal.

3. Work it! 

I need to definitely get down to work, I have been putting off my blog for too long. And that hurts me because I need the sense of community that it gives me. I need to put in more time with Pinterest customer service. I'm ratings are still awesome but I need my checks to up.

4. Photograph everything! 

I've been neglecting my camera, and I've even been neglecting my camera on my iPhone. I need to shoot more often. I signed up for Design Aglow's Summer Challenge to help jumpstart me.

What are your goals for the month? 

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