Don't Hold Back Your Mermaid #MermaidMondays

Sirenas 26/50 by alealgethi

How to Make Plants as Fierce as RuPaul

Yeah it's a photo dump post. I'm not sure what happened this year but somehow I have grown myself a green thumb. I even brought back to life a plant Papa rescue from the garbage at the cemetery.

I Have to ... Coconuts!

So I'm going through my emails and I find my writing prompts, and what is one of the prompts? Coconuts! I swear I can't get away from them. I never really gave coconuts a second thought, beyond don't make it eat it. I hated it, if it touched my tongue I would spit it out and be a little nauseous. But I could use it on my hair, skin, and even my lip balm with no problems.

That all changed the day one new barista mixed up two drinks and put coconut flakes in my latte. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, it tasted wrong. I got flushed and nauseous. I couldn't finish it and brought it back and she tells me there were coconut flakes in it. I said there wasn't suppose to be, we argue while another barista remakes my drink. Meanwhile, I'm trying not to throw up. I just thought ok I'm feeling sick because I don't like coconut, went home and put the kids to bed.

Boy was I wrong! Before falling asleep my tongue got all itchy and I was getting a little worried but I was so tired and feeling sick I decided to deal with it in the morning. Not my brightest idea....

By morning my tongue was swollen, my throat was swollen, and I knew something was definitely wrong. I went to urgent care after I sent the kids to school and I most likely got there just in time. Just as I'm checking in I started choking and fighting to breathe. Turns out I'm highly allergic to coconut! Who knew! The doctor said that getting flushed and nausea are actually the first symptoms of coconut allergy. That I used to immediately spit out and feel nauseous if like those mixed chocolates with coconut instead touched my tongue was my body's way of protecting myself.

Long story short, thanks to a new barista I found out I was allergic to coconut. I now have to carry an EpiPen with me because if I accidentally ingest it my reaction could happen much faster and be more severe and the doctor thought it was pretty severe, to begin with. And now I can't even use anything with coconut in it, and OMG everything is made with coconuts!

I can't get away from them.

Calm #MermaidMonday

Mermaid by Kotikomori

Hello, my lovelies! I'm here with another installment of Mermaid Mondays! 

I picked this image from deviantART this week because to me it looks calming. She is calm, she is still, peaceful. And even with all that has been going on lately, somehow I have found a bit of calm. It's pretty damn nice.

Is there anything special you do to keep calm? 

I'm Late I'm Late for a very Important ... Everything

As a mom of two kids, who also watches two kids, and works multiple online gigs, and runs a photography business (geez) I'm sometimes, ok always, running late. Or at least it feels like I am. I mean it's hard enough to make sure you are on time when it's just you and your kids and you work a regular job. Trust me, my friend that I watch her kids for tells me so.

But here's the funny thing, for some reason others, aka my boyfriend, think I actually have things under control. Even though I constantly feel like the White Rabbit. How do I manage this? I honestly have no freaking clue, I just do it.

But as one of my goals is to be more organized, I have gotten myself a Happy Planner. I tried to bullet journal thing and while I do find it good for other things and are incorporating them into my planner or life in general, for a calendar and appointments it just wasn't working for me. The Happy Planner is though, I mostly like that I can move the pages around to my liking.

But I mean there's more to time management than that right? Duh.

So, what do I do first? When I get any new information for an appointment or deadline, I almost always have my phone with me, so it goes directions into my iCal. That ensures that it is committed to something that I look at, and I have defaults set for alarms that go off for travel time and such. Also on my phone, I make sure to have alarms to remind me head places, like to head to pick up the kids I watch from school, and another to head from there to get my own kids off the bus.

Then when I'm home I sure to go through my phone calendar and any papers or cards I have accumulated during the day. Making sure to put appointments, deadlines, important numbers, etc into my Happy Planner. Both in the monthly view and the daily breakdown. If you are older like me you remember when the teachers told us that writing things down make us more likely to remember them.

I also keep two different forms of note paper in my Happy Planner. One is a half page, for lists and short notes that don't have a specific deadline or timeframe to be done. The other is full pages for random writing that I need or doodling.

What are some of your tips for managing your time? 

About a Girl, or Rather Me

Shining Light #MermaidMonday

My Dear Mermay by CaymArtworks

Thank you for always being there for me

Coffee break by blacknwhiteshadows

Hello June