Unicorn Frappe! Hot Topic of the Week!

I don't know about your Facebook but mine has been blowing up with the Unicorn Frappe! Some hate it, some liked it, some aren't sure.

I had to try this for myself! I mean it's the Unicorn Frappe and I'm freaking Living Faerie! So I went to Starbucks and they were sold out! Go to the Target and surprise surprise they had it! So I asked one of my favorite baristas Jazzy's to make it for me. Now I will admit she used soy milk, I'm lactose intolerant (and allergic to coconut), and I gave it a taste test.

To my surprise it wasn't that bad! Sweeter tasting than my usual drinks, and definitely a unique taste. But it wasn't bad, and I finished it all. I will say though that I nursed it down! Which if you know me, you know I never do with Starbucks drinks!

Did you taste the Unicorn Frappe? How was it? 

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