Welcome to the New Year!

Have you been writing the next chapter in your book of life? 

So for this year I have been thinking a lot of what I was going to post first. I wanted to know for sure. I spent more time on it than I meant to but that's not always a bad thing. I knew I was going to pick a word for the year again. Last year was Sparkle. It was totally the year of glitter, did you not see the glitter water balloon fight? Like yeah.

What would this year be? What should my focus be? What will my word be? These are questions that weigh heavy on my mind. Along with a lot of other things that unfortunately I can't get into yet. Sorry! Not trying to be cryptic or vague, but it is what it is.

So what will it be..... 

After much thought, I have decided that my word for this year will be... Focus 

What's your word for the year? 

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