Let's Make This the Best Year Ever

It's a new year again, time for changes, or so we say. Some of us choose a word for the year, mine this year is Focus, others make resolutions. Either way, it means you looked back on what happened in the past year and figured out something that could make it better.

For me it's Focus. 

Focus can mean lots of things, and I think that's why I prefer to pick a word for the year. I'm not trying to stick to just one or a few certain things. I'm not trying to change specifics. I'm adding something to my life.

Last year my word was Sparkles. 

I'm not quite sure what made me go with Sparkles, besides that it made me smile. I tried to pick out things for my life that had sparkles in them. I used more glitter. I let my Sparkle shine through so bright that no one was able to dull my shine. I even had a glitter water balloon fight! I'm happy with my word for last year. I did a lot of things just because they made me smile, I got rid of a lot of things because they did not make me smile. Sparkles was great.

I thought for a while on my word for this year before coming up with Focus. Towards the end of last year, there were things that happened, which I'm sorry I still can't talk about publicly, but I decided what I needed for this year was Focus.

I need to Focus on myself. Focus on my kids. Focus on my work. Focus on what matters. 

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