Connecting with nature.. when you live in an apartment!

I've been an "adult" for nine years, and out of those nine years, I have lived in an apartment for about 7 of those years. Needless to say, I know how to do apartment living!

When you do not have a yard and you live in a densely populated area, connecting with nature becomes more difficult, and if you're anything like me, that causes your spiritual health to suffer.

I've learned how to connect with nature while living in apartments, and it has improved my health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! Now I will share my tips with you!

1. When the weather is agreeable- open all of your windows to let fresh air permeate your home! What all do you do when you are at home? How much of that can you do on your patio? If there's anything you can do on your patio or balcony, make a conscience effort to start doing so! I taught myself to read, make grocery lists, text, Facebook, and eat out on the patio, just being out there, breathing in all that fresh air and feeling the breeze on my skin and hair is therapeutic for me, and I guarantee it will be for you, too!

2. Bring the sounds of nature inside! Singing birds, ocean waves, babbling brooks, and rain- all of these sounds are calming to humans and the benefits to listening to them (on YouTube, Spotify, or CD) are felt immediately!

3. Oil diffuser- I love essential oils! There are a few that really help me to feel immersed in nature when it's too cold to keep windows open and you're stuck inside with stagnant air. Cedar, Clary Sage, Lemon Grass, and Lavender- just to name a few! There are also some great blends by Doterra!

4. Indoor plants! Go for air detoxifying house plants like Areca Palm, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, Mother-in-law's Tongue, Purple Waffle Leaf Plant, Golden Pothos, English Ivy, Money Plant, Spider Plant, and Red Edged Dracaena. I also found the best mobile in the world and am collecting the adorable little globe terrariums you see in the photo I posted along with this post! I give them names like Madame Pomfrey and Neville Longbottom. And yes, I do talk to them while I spritz them with water.

5. Last of all- schedule time once a week to head out to some nearby woods, a mountain top, or the beach! 

If you're feeling disconnected from nature and feeling the effects of it such as depression, fatigue, or anxiety, then try these methods and see for yourself how much it helps!


  1. Yes to everything here! I've been apartment living as an "adult" for 8 years now and these are great tips!


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