What National Holiday is Your Birthday?

So I just found out my birthday is National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, how funny is this? I mean I know that most days have some sort of holiday. But this one is silly.

Anyway you want to know a funny story about when I cried over spilled milk?

This was back when Ariel was still in the NICU, I was in the waiting room with AJ and Karlee while Hector was inside the NICU visiting with Ariel. I decided to use this time to try and pump some milk. Me and pumping milk does not working out very well, I'm proud of any momma that can pump more than their babies eat! I had to pump constantly just to make enough for one feeding. So anyway, I'm in the room setting everything up and I have those bottles that you put the liner bag into, easier for pumping and storing right? NOT when you forget to put the liner into the bottle. I pumped on one side for like 30 minutes before I realized that I had been pumping right onto my shirt. I laughed and cried over spilled milk that day.

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