Coconut Coconut Everywhere!

So did you know I'm allergic to coconut? I didn't till a barista put some shavings into my latte and my throat started closing up. I always knew that the taste of coconut made me feel sick to my stomach, like if it so much as touched my tongue I gagged and spit it back out and felt nauseous. Well apparently that was my body's way of trying to protect me saying hey don't use this stuff.

Anyway I always avoided ingesting coconut but I used coconut oil externally, on my hair and skin mostly. Well apparently that was a bad idea. So all these years that I've been feeling a little rundown, or tired and achy and just in general sick but not sick. Its because I've been giving myself small dosages of something I'm allergic to, fantastic right? I think the worse was probably my lip balm. My beloved Burt's Bees that I'm like addicted to, has coconut oil. My face wash had coconut oil. My make primer spray had coconut oil. The kids hair stuff. Like ugh.

Do you know I had to actually read labels for lip balm? I had to google something because it sounded coconuty. Almost every freaking lip balm has coconut in it! Not fair. I found one without it but I have to use it like three times as much. But it was nice to get through a day without being itchy and I felt like a had a little more energy so that's an improvement.

You would think food allergies would just stick to food not to everything. Ugh.

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