Are you new or old school?

Pen and paper? Laptop? Old school or new? 

I think they both have their own place. 

For blogging I prefer to type it all out on my laptop. But I keep a personal written journal. Though when I'm brainstorming I will typically be found with a notebook and pen next to my laptop.

When writing stories I tend to writing them in a notebook, I find it better to use a pen and paper. Easier to brainstorm, or go back cross things out, rewrite things. Not that you can't do that with a laptop but that sometimes you lose what you wrote, if you delete it and decide to go back to what you wrote first too late it's gone.

I use both. I almost always have a pen and a notebook on me, as well as my iPhone. Just like with my digital cameras I still have my fully manual 35mm SLR and a polaroid one too. I like to blend the old and the new.

Which do you prefer?

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