Where the heck have I been?

I know I have been out of blog lately, not really keeping up with my end of the deal. Going to be fixing that. But let me show you what I have been doing! Yeah I know I haven't been just sitting around doing nothing.

After my nightstand I conquered my dresser. The kids had decorated it for me once upon a time. 

Isn't it snazzy? I used chalkboard spray paint, tidal blue spray paint, and some stencils. (Excuse the blurry photo will get a better one up soon)

Next I started tackling the kids room, yeah they decorated that too. They hadn't gotten an art easel for Christmas, I thought it would help contain their artistic tendencies ... yeah not so much. Now it's a chalkboard wall!

Dude seriously do you see my son's handwriting on a chalkboard? Six years old man. 

I then tackled the other walls in the kids room. painted. Added some cute stars. Got a nice sturdy bookshelf for them. Just got to add the stars to the last wall and paint some glow in the dark ones. I also need to fix the the trim a bit. 

Mounted the kids TV too.

 And made some headbands to sell in my Etsy shop.

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