Why Therapy is Sexy

Or the most important thing I learned in therapy, at least so far.

That I am important, that me time is worth the effort. That getting something for me isn't stupid or a waste of money.

I think as parents, we get told a lot by well-meaning people that essentially we don't matter, now don't get all up in arms. These well-meaning people don't say it like that. They go well you're a mom now, well you need to put the kids first, kids, kids, kids, kids. I'm not saying to hell with the kids. They certainly are important, but in order to take better care of our kids, we need to take care of ourselves.

Think about that, taking better care of ourselves as a person, helps us take better care of our children. Crazy right? Not really.

We are raising the next generation of people, the ones that are going to take over the Earth for us, we want to make sure they make it a better place right? So would we want to do this very important task while rundown, stressed out, at the end of our rope or while we are in a better place mentally?

I personally think that we need to remember that parents are people too.

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