8 Facts About Mermaids That'll Make Your Hair Stand on End

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Do you know some societies believe we descended from mermaids, as in came from the sea and our tails just slowly disappeared?

Aquamarine is thought to be the tears of mermaids, and to offer some protection while at sea.

Scandinavian mermaids are bad omens, bonus they are both salt and fresh water mermaids.

Though most people think of mermaids as sirens from Greek mythology, sirens were actually half bird creatures in the first stories.

Most mermaid sightings by sailors were actually manatees, but then again who know most of the sea is still unexplored.

Almost every culture has tales about mermaids.

Mermaids are told to have special powers; immortality, seeing the future, telepathy, and hypnosis (that can be used to lure sailors to their death).

The Starbucks logo had to be changed because it was too suggestive, as a two tailed siren holding her tails open, naughty Starbucks.

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