What are these levels?

My son, my boy. Reading The Cat in the Hat to me. Needing very little help. I'm so proud of how good he is doing in school, even while being all over the classroom. He still is the first one to answer a question, and be correct to boot.

At his parent teacher conference he was reading at a level 6 and his teachers were going on about how smart and bright he is. Said that he was going to move up to level 8 the next time they could take out books.

Made me curious about The Cat in the Hat .... it's level 16 people! I still don't quite get these levels but apparently he is reading at about a 1st to 2nd grade level. He's 6 years old people. But then again he is smart and can figure just about anything out when he puts his mind to it.

What has your kid done that made you proud lately?

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