Powerful But Does Not Mesh

So I find this image every once in a while, latest sighting was on Instagram. I love the image, the quote, it's powerful and such an important message ... but it does not mesh! My brain instantly shouts NO and makes me comment.

Why doesn't it mesh?

Because Ariel aka the Little Mermaid didn't change to fit into society. Society is what is around you, what is the norm, what you live in. Her society was, and is MERMAIDS. She changed out of her society. She changed to live her dream.

You mean she changed to get a man, right? 

NO! In the Disney movie yes, she fell in love with a prince and changed to get him, but there are hints to the original story. Before even knowing her prince, before even seeing a human up close, she was in love with human things. She collected them, she loved to know about the human world first hand. In the original story, yes she fell in love but her main dream or goal was to attain a human soul, for human souls are eternal, while mermaids aren't. In order for her to get a human soul, she needed to be married to a human, then his soul would become hers.

But she wanted to go back home? 

When did she say that? She missed her family and friends, of course, she saw them when she could, nothing kept her from seeing them, in the Disney movie. In the original story though she had a chance to go home, back to her society, she refused and sacrificed herself. The reason this bothers me is the assumption that our norm is everyone's norm. But as someone told me they didn't think the quote was about Ariel but that she was an image to convey the point. Which I get but she doesn't really, using her as the spokesmermaid for this quote corrupts the story.

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