Just Some of My Favorite Things #OSBlog

Time for some more Old School Blogging with Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life. This time we are doing some of our favorite things, prompted of course.

Sit down restaurant
Denny's hands down. It's kid friendly, great food, and not too expensive. The kids like it, they have kids eat free nights. They don't make you feel rushed or embarrassed if your kids make a mess.

Anything from the Starbucks bake case, yummmmmm! Yeah I know the picture isn't a cookie but I don't have any of pictures of cookies.

Bath product scent
Clean smelling! Really I don't like a lot of smelly smelly stuff, some of it makes me sneeze or cough, so I like anything that has a clean scent to it, though I love coconut too.

T.V. shows
All my shows end! Welp Buffy, Charmed, True Blood lol. Actually Bob's Burgers and American Dad are my favorites lately, plus Once Upon a Time and Supernatural.

Orchids, rose, tulips, daisies. Anything really, I love getting flowers and it doesn't happen often.

Bad-for-me snack
Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.

Click is pretty much the only one I read, besides Dulcelina Magazine of course! (Hint hint: that's the one I work for)

Hobby (besides blogging)
Writing, photography, painting, creating, anything with glitter.

Halloween! Yes it is a holiday. I'm Pagan, I call it Samhain, it's the start of the new year. 

Girls Night Out activity
Bar hopping! Though it's been umm almost 3 years since the last time I went.

via Etsy (getting it soon)

Date night
We usually stay in, just without the kids. Heheh. Though now that he has his bike maybe some long rides will be in our future date nights.

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  1. Me likey your photos! And your favorites! :D Thank necklace is really neat. I want one!

  2. We toured Ben & Jerry's while on our honeymoon!!!


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