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Let's see the magazine I'm working for was officially released this week. I got my print copy yesterday, and am super excited for the next issue. Already have two photo shoots lined up.

AJ started kindergarten! Which means a full day of school and he still comes home and wants to go immediately to the park. Ariel has been getting upset she wants to go on the bus with him.

My fitbit flex band broke, so if you have been wondering about my non-activity that's why. I am waiting for the replacement to be shipped. Meanwhile my mom has been being crafty and making fancy dress fitbit bands.

I lost two more inches off my waist! Huzzah for my belly shrinking.

Been talking and dreaming about a future that I'm really excited and happy about. Things are good and I'm glad to have someone that understands me.

I also set up my short stories as a Kindle ebook! 

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