The Little Autistic Mermaid? #MermaidMonday

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I was reading this very interesting article about Shapeshifting, Autism, and The Little Mermaid. 

It's more than just the little mermaid, it's the mermaid, the undine, the selkie. These waterfolk that come to up from the ocean, sacrificed something to do so and can't explain themselves. Or maybe we just can't hear them.

The author goes into how people with autism feel so much emotion, they feel everything going on in a room, but that they can't explain it to us, they lack that language. The ability to do so. Or we lack the understanding of their way of telling us.

That definitely can be lined up with The Little Mermaid. 

She gives her tongue to the sea witch in exchange for legs. She comes to this world that is hot, dry, and hurts her with every step, and she can't convey her story to the prince she saved. She can't express herself, she lacks the skills to do so in this new world that is hard and hurtful. And the prince he can't understand her, consider her dumb, treats her as a pet.

I think it should give all us a little more insight or understanding to people with autism.

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