Syrups and Sauces Oh My!

So while I am still waiting for a latte k-cup (seriously if there's one please tell me) you can buy syrups and sauces on the Starbucks store online. But wait for it... they are on sale right now. Save 15% on Starbucks Syrups & Sauces! Valid 8/12 - 8/17/14. Which is almost as good. Some strong coffee, creamer, and a pump or two of vanilla syrup. Yum!

Or make yourself a cup of Pumpkin Spice whenever you want! How awesome would that be? It would be like instant fall. Without the cool crisp fall air and the fall festivals... ok so it's entirely possible that I'm a fall mermaid. Is that a thing?

Though this could be an excellent mug for a mermaid to drink from.

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