Playing at the Park

I have been very lax about taking my camera out lately. I was getting upset and frustrated with my photography. Or rather the lack of ideas for my photography, the lack of models that were serious about setting up shoots. So I took an unplanned break from my camera. I still took it with me, but I rarely took it out of the bag. I played with my kids. I focused on my writing. I worked on organizing everything. I started painting more.

Then I took my camera out while we were at the park ... and I'm quite pleased with the photos.

I also finally got my models together for the magazine. I'm meeting with one today to go over the details and set up a date to shoot. The other basically said just tell me when and where, and I'm real excited to shoot with her. I'm excited to shoot with both, actually. I can't wait.

Living Faerie Photography was formerly Moon in a Cup 

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