Lil' Holster is Fancy {Review}

"A Holster For All The Lil' Things In Life™"

I was actually quite excited to see an email from Lil' Holster asking if I would like a sample to review.

See there was a problem in our bathroom. 

The problem was our soap on the bathroom sink. We use a bar of soap. We have had a soap dish, which got full of soap residue in a day. Ariel picked out a fishie soap mat, which didn't get full as fast but didn't contain the residue. So once I saw this I was like "omg! that should work perfectly!" 

view here on Lil' Holster

I was right! It's perfect for the little hands reaching up to get the soap. It stays in place. the residue slides right off into the sink. Actually to be honestly I feel like there is less residue. And it does just like they say and helps clear off the counter space.

There are so many uses for this nifty little product. It comes in a mini (like mine) and a skinny (perfect for holding toothbrushes!). Comes in seven color options, and they have other holster products you can shop too, like hobby and hot iron!

I received this product for free, all opinions are my own.

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