Doing What's Best

Doing what's best even when it breaks your heart.

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As a parent you know there are some pretty tough times, and rough choices to make. As a single parent you have double the tough times, double the rough choices. And most of the time those choices will break your heart.

But... you do them because it's what is best for your child, because that is what parenting is about. It's not all fun and smiles. There are heart breaks and sadness too. But we keep going cause those good times, fun and smiles are worth all the sadness. The heart breaks are worth the times when your heart swells with love for your kids.

One of the hardest thing for me to do is to share my kids. It kills me when my son goes for a visit with his dad. Though I know it's best for him to know his dad and his siblings over there. I do it because its best for him, though it's hard for me.

What brings on those heart wrench moments, and plays with the broken pieces of my heart? Anytime I talk to my daughter's father. When I can hear his voice, when we slip into that easy way of conversing about her, share a laugh. My heart wrenches. The broken pieces stir. They whisper to my head "why can't we?" and my head answers back "because you are broken" because I will always love him, though he isn't best for me. But to see my daughter light up when she hears daddy's voice makes it best for her.

What is the hardest time or choice you had to make for your kid(s)?

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