This Mermaid Has the Best Accessory!

I finally got a waterproof case for my phone! It's a Lifeproof case, thanks to a friend. This thing is awesome! Waterproof up to 6.6 feet, it's dust proof, can be dropped from 6.6 feet, rain and snow proof too! In love, completely.

And how do I celebrate? By taking it into the pool of course!

Finally I will be able to have my own pictures of us in the pool and beach (whenever we get there). Ever summer I have to rely on others cause I don't want to ruin my iPhone or camera. While my camera still isn't waterproof I now can bring my iPhone in the water with us without worrying.

It's so fun to be able to see what I can get, and to be able to shoot under the water! I tried to get Ariel to go under so I could get her face but she didn't want to. At least not when my iPhone was ready to catch here.

Bonus! My scales are now able to photographed under water! Totally fits them.

Ariel's name is totally fitting her this year. Complete mermaid. She loves to play baby mermaid in the pool. And she taught herself to go under. AJ refuses to go under, though we are only at mild freak outs when he does get dunked.

I am definitely one happy mermaid this summer. Going to be a fun summer with iPhone pictures.

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  1. I got my Lifeproof case for Christmas 2 years ago, and I love it! But, I haven't taken my iPhone underwater with it on!


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