Say What?! Local Breastfeeding Nurse-In

Apparently there was a big of a fuss in my neck of the woods over breastfeeding. Just read about it over on PopSugar's Moms, there was a nurse-in in Nanet at a Barnes & Noble. I'm pretty confused by this, mainly because Barnes & Noble was the one place when I was nursing that I never had any problems.

When I was nursing AJ we were at Barnes & Noble in Newburgh, a lot mainly because it was his favorite place to nurse. To me it was a win win I got to read a book and have quiet time to myself, he took a nice long nap, and bonus points we got out of the house.

First starting out I did try and use a cover but no matter what I did he kept pulling the damn thing off, can't really blame him on that. One of the workers in the cafe actually suggested that I take the cover off, she said it's probably stuffy for him, plus he's making it more obvious that you are nursing not less.

Once he started toddling we went over to the kids section so he could cruise on the train set. I had multiple women tell me that they were so happy to see me nursing, and without a cover that more women need to start doing it. AJ became a regular little baby mascot for Barnes & Noble according to the good friends who worked there I made while visiting.

After a bout with coxsackies I dried up and started using bottles. I had managers ask me why I switched, that they were so happy I was nursing, that it was so good for AJ. After I explained that while I was sick my milk dried up, they would say sorry to hear that and that I gave AJ the best start for his future.

With this almost 7 months experience of breastfeeding at Barnes & Noble I'm shocked to hear that a mother was told to cover up or leave, especially considering that a mother can breastfeed her baby anywhere she is legally allowed to be with the baby with or without a cover.

Kudos on the mom for standing up for herself, shame on the assistant manager for not understanding the law.

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