Faeries Gone Hiking

So we went to Algonquin Park to go to the playground and then...

Mommy what are those paths? Can we go down them? We definitely can AJ! "Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest." In true faerie fashion we go to the park to play on the playground after AJ aced his kindergarten screening and wind up hiking through the woods (if you want to call them that). Random and spur of the moment, but my kids are up for it. Fae like.

Amazed by the "waterfalls" the little ones that are just the streams flowing over rocks. I told them I had a surprise for them. Guided them towards the right paths. Still letting AJ feel like he was calling the shots on which way we went. I showed them a real waterfall.

This is a waterfall. This is a waterfall that I have actually walked across many times. I amazed friends years after I first walked across it with my uncle and cousin, by talking them up to the top pond and walking across the waterfall. A few brave souls went with me, though I only mean one or two. Once the kids are a little older I would like to walk around it with them. That is if the top of it is still well maintained.

Wow mommy! That's a big waterfall! It's so cool. I told you I had a surprise for you, didn't I?

I swear Newburgh has some of the most creative sayings written around it. This was a new one I found today on the bridge while we were hiking. There are others around town, and the city, including one that says help wild pokemon.

Do you see this huge gold fish?! I was surprised to see it but I mean they are fresh water fishes and they grow as big as their environment. We actually saw two but the second was camera shy. I would say they are about the size of my forearm. 

The Faeries taking a mid hike selfie! AJ asked for snacks I said well we don't have any cause I didn't know we were going to be hiking. Totally a spur of the moment thing the kids asked for.

Cooling our heels in the water, the kids begged to go in but it was just too uneven with sharp rocks.

Deciding the best place to throw her little rock.

After our hike through the woods we cooled our feet off in the little stream. I remember when this used to be nicely kept and it was smooth enough to walk through. They used to have bricks lining, well they are still there but broken and filled with other rocks. You can still see the steps on both sides to go down onto the what used to be the wading area, it's fallen and broken. It makes me sad. 

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