Drained {Down the Rabbit Hole}

Faerie Barista's mental health

I feel so drained lately, I have no energy, no motivation.

Feeling as though I'm failing everything. Just when I think I'm getting on a good path, getting it together. It crumbles.

Part of me feels like my psychiatrist has given up on me. After trying to up my Prozac he has suddenly stopped. Basically admitted that it sounds like I have a personality disorder but left me on the medicine that I feel isn't helping at all. My therapist keeps saying I'm doing good with all that is going on. But honestly, I'm not.

They see me on relatively good days.

They don't see me on the bad days.

They don't see me when I'm clawing into my arm cause I'm crying and upset and feeling like a complete failure. Sometimes I'm smoking about a pack a day.

Life gets hard to live on certain days, I push through for my kids but it hurts.


  1. That has got to be so frustrating! Has he tried you on any other antidepressants, besides the Prozac?

    1. Nope he has been upping me I started on 40mg then 50mg now 60mg this last time he didn't change anything. I told my therapist and she made a note. I'm just like I feel as though I'm bipolar and that Prozac isn't helping.


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