9 Things I Would Rather Be Doing

Today I am halfway between sick and better. I'm also baby sitting. But at least it's not too hot outside and I'm trying to get some work done on the porch while the kids play. But what would I rather be doing today? I know you're dying to know.

9. Watching Maleficent! (Yes I still haven't seen this movie)
8. Drinking a Venti Iced Vanilla Soy Quad Latte and reading a book
7. Shopping for some clothes! One I've lost weight Two I need clothes 
6. Getting my mermaid scales worked on
5. Model shooting for an upcoming project 
4. Doing a SG set with RennieCat
3. Sleeping! Gotta make those antibodies
2. Going to Splash Down! 

And the number one thing I rather be doing?

Going to the beach!

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