Drained {Down the Rabbit Hole}

Faerie Barista's mental health

I feel so drained lately, I have no energy, no motivation.

Feeling as though I'm failing everything. Just when I think I'm getting on a good path, getting it together. It crumbles.

Part of me feels like my psychiatrist has given up on me. After trying to up my Prozac he has suddenly stopped. Basically admitted that it sounds like I have a personality disorder but left me on the medicine that I feel isn't helping at all. My therapist keeps saying I'm doing good with all that is going on. But honestly, I'm not.

They see me on relatively good days.

They don't see me on the bad days.

They don't see me when I'm clawing into my arm cause I'm crying and upset and feeling like a complete failure. Sometimes I'm smoking about a pack a day.

Life gets hard to live on certain days, I push through for my kids but it hurts.

Immortalize Popping the Question in Print

Why Not Pop the Question in Print?

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Making Iced Coffee

What is the best thing about summer weather? Iced Coffee. 

At least for me. I love a nice cold cup of iced coffee on a hot day. It's so nice. I used to use my French Press to make iced coffee, add grounds plus water stir press and chill in the fridge. But I found this neat little recipe on Starbucks for a Pour Over Brewer. I figured I would share it with you guys.

  • First thing it tells you is getting the right grounds. They recommend a fine ground, looking like sugar. I like to use a dark roast for iced coffee. Remember when making iced coffee you need to double the amount of grounds cause it will get watered down with the ice.

  • Then they recommend pouring only until the cone is half full and waiting 10 seconds or so for the coffee to start to drip. Then finishing the pour.

  • When done remove the cone, the pitcher should be half full at this point. Add ice and enjoy! (ice cream optional.)

This post has affiliate links, meaning I will earn some money if you follow my advice and purchase these products. All opinions are my own.

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Shock #MermaidMonday

via devaintART
What just happened?
How did I get here?
What is happening?

I feel frozen

My skin is tingling
My heart is racing

The water seems so calm
But still
I know deep there are secrets

How do I know?
Where have I been?

Down the faery path I traveled
Upon the waters I came

This is not where I started
Not where I left

The waters they called me
They shimmered in the moonlight

Did I jump in?
Was I already in?

I remember....

Remember a tail...

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Snack Time at the Wherehouse

The Wherehouse is a great restaurant here in Newburgh. Slightly bias since I did work for the owner last year on the Zombie BBQ. Me and the kids were going to stop by Caffe Macchiato but it was closed when we got there, so we walked down Liberty St a little bit and got some sodas and hand cut shoestring fries! It was fun, the kids loved it, especially the records on the cellar.

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This Boy

My boy, my love, my monster (don't worry it's a family thing). I love him to death, even if he is driving me up a wall. He will forever be my baby boy, even when he is grown and has his own family.

This Boy.

Can make me smile even on my worse day. Make my heart melt with a little hug. Make my blood boil even though I know he is just being a mini me.

This Boy.

Makes everyday of life worth living. (So does my daughter but this post is about my boy.) Makes me want to fight when I see something wrong. Makes me proud when he shows compassion.

This Boy.

Is smart. Independent. Compassionate. Sweet. Hyper. Loving. Full of energy. Excited for life.

My Boy.

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9 Things I Would Rather Be Doing

Today I am halfway between sick and better. I'm also baby sitting. But at least it's not too hot outside and I'm trying to get some work done on the porch while the kids play. But what would I rather be doing today? I know you're dying to know.

9. Watching Maleficent! (Yes I still haven't seen this movie)
8. Drinking a Venti Iced Vanilla Soy Quad Latte and reading a book
7. Shopping for some clothes! One I've lost weight Two I need clothes 
6. Getting my mermaid scales worked on
5. Model shooting for an upcoming project 
4. Doing a SG set with RennieCat
3. Sleeping! Gotta make those antibodies
2. Going to Splash Down! 

And the number one thing I rather be doing?

Going to the beach!

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Been changing some things around, updating my about page and hire me page. Brand new contact me page.

And.... I got rid of my ads. Why? To be honest they weren't doing much besides giving me a headache trying to make my little site look nice. Does this mean I'm giving up on advertising? Nope.

What I am going to do is offer up ad spots for my fellow bloggers! I'm going to work out the details and figure out the pricing and such. But I decided I would much rather use that space for my blogging family, than for a company that doesn't know me.

Email me if you are interested in getting one of my first ad spots! faeriebarista@gmail.com

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Places that are nice to Kids aka Free (or Cheaper) Food

Out to Dinner with the Kids for Cheaper! 

I did my best to try and research these for you, but the websites aren't very forthcoming about the  free food issue. In this list are just the places we have here in Newburgh, you can find full lists in the sources at the bottom. Websites are linked to each restaurant but as I said I couldn't find the information on these free kids meals there.

Please note these might be available at every location, or on the same days as I have listed here.

I highly recommend looking up the one by you and calling ahead of time. And be sure to get the full details.

Kids Eat Free Here!

  • Applebee's - kids eat free on Monday/Tuesday Nights at partipating locations, one kid's meal per adult entree, additional kids meal $1.00 (can't beat that)
  • Chilli's - Monday thru Wednesday kids eat free. Two kids meals per adult meal. 
  • Denny's - Kids eat free Tuesdays and Thursdays (in Newburgh at least) 4-10pm. You get up to 2 free kids meals per adult meal. *One of my favorite places to take the kids!
  • Friendly's - Kids eat free on Tuesdays, discounted adult meals. 
  • IHOP - Kids eat free everyday after 4pm, in Newburgh... *BUT be forewarned only one free kids meal per adult meal, this is ONLY in fine print at the table found out the hard way.
  • Perkins - Kids eat free all day Tuesday!
  • Pizza Hut - Kids eat free Tuesday evenings, not at all locations.
  • TGI Fridays - Kids 3 and under eat for free Monday and Tuesday

Cheaper Kids Meals! 

  • McDonald's - Discounted Happy Meals on Wednesdays, plus a free mini vanilla cone (and face painting!) *I go to these as often as I have the money the kids have fun and you can make mommy/daddy friends in the process.

Sources: Brad's Deals, Happy Money Saver, *personal experience (marked with * and italics)

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Drawing #MermaidMonday

via deviantART
Just a short Mermaid Monday today, I'm a little sick. Going to the doctor later today.

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This Mermaid Has the Best Accessory!

I finally got a waterproof case for my phone! It's a Lifeproof case, thanks to a friend. This thing is awesome! Waterproof up to 6.6 feet, it's dust proof, can be dropped from 6.6 feet, rain and snow proof too! In love, completely.

And how do I celebrate? By taking it into the pool of course!

Finally I will be able to have my own pictures of us in the pool and beach (whenever we get there). Ever summer I have to rely on others cause I don't want to ruin my iPhone or camera. While my camera still isn't waterproof I now can bring my iPhone in the water with us without worrying.

It's so fun to be able to see what I can get, and to be able to shoot under the water! I tried to get Ariel to go under so I could get her face but she didn't want to. At least not when my iPhone was ready to catch here.

Bonus! My scales are now able to photographed under water! Totally fits them.

Ariel's name is totally fitting her this year. Complete mermaid. She loves to play baby mermaid in the pool. And she taught herself to go under. AJ refuses to go under, though we are only at mild freak outs when he does get dunked.

I am definitely one happy mermaid this summer. Going to be a fun summer with iPhone pictures.

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Family Photobook with Blurb

Make a Yearly Family Photobook

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If you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, you know how time flies. Kids just grow up so fast. Which is why I think using Blurb to create yearly photo albums, is such a cool idea. A yearly photo book is the perfect solution—and it’s not as time-consuming or difficult to produce as you might think. Read on to discover achievable steps to success.

Step 1: Create a “year” folder on your computer to file your photographs and add additional folders inside, one for each month. This will help keep things in order and make flowing content into your book easy later on. You can also add a text file in each month’s folder that you can use to jot down any quotes or stories.

Step 2: Be camera-ready! Keep your camera in the same spot in the house—ready to grab—for when you want to document the latest masterpiece, fancy dress outfit, or daring antic that comes your way.

Tip: If they say something you don’t want to forget, and you’re not near your computer, text or email it to yourself quickly, so it’s ready to add to the file later.

Step 3: Decide on one day each month that you can spend 15 minutes to half an hour adding the new content to your folder. Select three to four of the best photographs you’ve taken, download them to the designated folder for that month, and update the text file with any of the notes you’ve made.

Tip: Save each image using the date it was taken and the “event title” as the file name.

Once you have 12 months of memories, you’re ready to create your book. You may want to pick your favorite overall photograph to use for the cover, but if you’re looking for some other ideas, consider these:

Use a selection of your child’s toys to create the date.

Have some fun together and get your kid involved in creating the cover. Handprints and footprints always make lovely images and are a nice way to track their growth over time. Or, if you have a more advanced artist on your hands, draw an outline of the title and have them color it in.

Step 4: When it’s time to make your book, Blurb’s BookWright tool includes professionally designed templates, so all you have to do is select the ones that appeal to you (two- to three-page layout templates per book add some variety but maintain some visual continuity throughout). 

Tip: For this kind of book our favorite choices would be:

Step 5: Once you’ve chosen your templates, select the folder from your computer, and upload and flow in your photographs month by month. Refer to your text document and add in the supporting quotes and stories you’ve made along the way.

Step 6: Review your book, checking each page for spelling mistakes, and make sure all the images are properly positioned. Once you’re happy with it, you can order—just be sure to consider all those who will want a copy. These kinds of books are perfect holiday and birthday presents for grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents, and friends.

Get started on your book now but hurry because through July 18th you can save 25% with the code: 25%SAVINGS.

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Faeries Gone Hiking

So we went to Algonquin Park to go to the playground and then...

Mommy what are those paths? Can we go down them? We definitely can AJ! "Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest." In true faerie fashion we go to the park to play on the playground after AJ aced his kindergarten screening and wind up hiking through the woods (if you want to call them that). Random and spur of the moment, but my kids are up for it. Fae like.

Amazed by the "waterfalls" the little ones that are just the streams flowing over rocks. I told them I had a surprise for them. Guided them towards the right paths. Still letting AJ feel like he was calling the shots on which way we went. I showed them a real waterfall.

This is a waterfall. This is a waterfall that I have actually walked across many times. I amazed friends years after I first walked across it with my uncle and cousin, by talking them up to the top pond and walking across the waterfall. A few brave souls went with me, though I only mean one or two. Once the kids are a little older I would like to walk around it with them. That is if the top of it is still well maintained.

Wow mommy! That's a big waterfall! It's so cool. I told you I had a surprise for you, didn't I?

I swear Newburgh has some of the most creative sayings written around it. This was a new one I found today on the bridge while we were hiking. There are others around town, and the city, including one that says help wild pokemon.

Do you see this huge gold fish?! I was surprised to see it but I mean they are fresh water fishes and they grow as big as their environment. We actually saw two but the second was camera shy. I would say they are about the size of my forearm. 

The Faeries taking a mid hike selfie! AJ asked for snacks I said well we don't have any cause I didn't know we were going to be hiking. Totally a spur of the moment thing the kids asked for.

Cooling our heels in the water, the kids begged to go in but it was just too uneven with sharp rocks.

Deciding the best place to throw her little rock.

After our hike through the woods we cooled our feet off in the little stream. I remember when this used to be nicely kept and it was smooth enough to walk through. They used to have bricks lining, well they are still there but broken and filled with other rocks. You can still see the steps on both sides to go down onto the what used to be the wading area, it's fallen and broken. It makes me sad. 

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