Summer is Coming

I smell of burning wood and I love it.

Since I set up the tent for the kids yesterday AJ has been insisting we need to have s'mores. Today he got his *ahem* demand. Papa sent us out to get the fixings.

Let me tell you trying to start a fire with a 5 and 3 years old mischievous faeries running around and trying to figure out what you are doing. Pretty funny that I was the one that wound up eating the s'mores. AJ had some marshmallows and Ariel just wanted chocolate.

The fire worked for what we needed it to do but it was definitely the worst fire I ever made. Didn't help that once I got the right size wood sticks to build it up, I asked AJ to get a newspaper for kindling. He then dropped it on top of my wood teepee instead of handing it to me, cause I was making a s'more for Ariel to not eat. Oh well.

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