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Kidecals emailed me asking if I would like to do a review on their company, to which I replied HELL YEAH! No, not really, I was very professional about it, said that it sounds great. Since AJ in in school I decided to use his name and let him picked them out, mostly because I was overloaded with the awesome designs! In true hipster boy fashion AJ picked out the mustache labels.

And there was these colorful PartyStachel set in our order too. So freaking cute! I've been sticking them onto cups and things that aren't just AJ's. I even put one on the car.  #truehipsterfamily

The big kidecals looks great on AJ's back pack and has been sticking good going back and forth to school.

Been sticking them in AJ's shoes, excuse the insides he took out the insoles for some reason. I put them in he takes them out.

Now not only are these things sticky and stay put, I have a hard time getting them off the backing which I find reassuring. They are also water proof! But wait for it .... they are DISHWASHER SAFE! (PS they are also good to put in the laundry.) 

Freshly applied before going into the dishwasher on a hot water, heavy setting wash. With heat drying.

After the wash, still looking good, still stuck on, these things are awesome, especially since someone likes to umm borrow (and forget to return) my sippy cups.

I am seriously in love with these kidecals and I can't wait to get some for Ariel. They also make keyboard stickers, chalkboard labels, and wall decals. I could go crazy with these things.

Oh and as a bonus (and incentive to get you guys over to the site) I have a special discount code for you my lovely readers.

For 15% off use this code: fashion

Some Instagram Kidecals for your view pleasure

I was given a voucher for a free order to properly review 
this awesomesauce product for you, all opinions are my own.

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