Can't wait for Maleficent

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So who else is counting down to the Maleficent movie? I'm in love with it and haven't even seen it yet. I'm also in love with the above Dragon Tee inspired by Maleficent from Adorkable.

I am so excited to see the back story of one of my favorite villains. The other is Ursula, making plus size sexy man, but that's another post. I've always loved Maleficent because she was was like yeah I'm evil and I'm fabulous so shove it.

Going through tumblr looking at things, you can find out that some people know way too much about medieval faerie culture. Meaning one person went into detail about how Maleficent was completely in her right since as per society rules at the time EVERYONE should and was invited except her so it was a snub and she follow through with an appropriate response. While I don't think death is appropriate for a snub I can understand that they were RUDE I mean they invited everyone but Maleficent.

But what I'm most excited about is that the movie is going to explain why she is evil, and fabulous. Why she was the only faerie without wings, and from what we can see like in the image above it looks like her headpiece is actually horns going out of her head, which I had always thought they were to begin with.

Plus is anyone but me dying to see what they make young Maleficent look like?

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