Beautiful Spring {Joules Review}

I was contacted by this wonderful British Country brand (that just opened their website for the US) called Joules, about their Joules Little line for boys and girls. I thought the outfits were so adorable that I asked for one for Ariel to review.

They arrived on Monday and let me tell you Ariel was so excited that she insisted on putting everything on as I opened it!

Since Spring was still being a little slow on showing up here, I'm glad that I had thought ahead and gotten Ariel some tights. She is in loved with the boots been wearing them all week! Though I followed along with their size guide I think Ariel could have gotten a size bigger, but once she wore the outfit for a while it loosen up (also will look so cute in the summer for a bathing suit cover up). The sweater fit perfectly, so did the boots. She's just tall so I should have known to ask for a bigger size but it still fits her fine.

I did two shoots with her in the outfit, one at home before taking AJ to school and the other down at the Waterfront after dropping AJ off to school. I thought it would look cute with the nautical theme to her dress.

As you can see she was able to move around with no problem in the outfit, which is very important to me because my kids are definitely explorers. The boots are great for the Springtime muddy ground, and for jumping. She was completely comfortable and we got many compliments on how cute her outfit was.

Disclosure I was provided these items for review, all opinions and photos are mine.

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  1. Mema wants some of these photos!!!!

  2. She is so adorable! Also loooooove those rain boots! I also wish I had a girl. LOL. (I should probably utilize the waterfront too when I need to get good pictures. :) )

    1. She's almost too big for them! She grows non stop I swear! Girls are fun to dress up for sure.


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