Support a Warrior for St. Jude's

What the heck is the Warrior Dash?

It's a 5K Mud Run, these crazy people will be crawling through mud and literally jumping through fire. Why are they doing this? To raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital!

St. Jude's is just this amazingly great place. They are internationally recognized as a pioneer for research about treatment of kids with cancer and other life threatening diseases. It's also the first and only place like this specifically for children.

What makes St. Jude's even more awesomesauce? Because of donators like YOU patients of theirs never have to pay!

Now I know you're thinking this is all great information and all but why are you telling us about this?

Cause AJ's own godfather is running (yet again) in the GA Warrior Dash!

And what do I want from you? Nothing, no seriously, I don't want anything more than for you to click the link and donate to this great charity. Yeah you know there was something you had to do. But honestly this is a great thing. I personally am having Jeremy pledge $50 on my behalf as payment for promoting him on my blog. So get to it!

 photo Warrior-Dash_zps64f5b3f7.png

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