Getty Embed - Good or Bad?

Just read over at iheartfaces that Getty has a new embed tool. Meaning you can use their photos for free. Meaning that photographers, like me, that submit photos to sites like Getty for stock photography, for either an additional income or their major income, are now having their photos used for free. But unlike when people just find the photos and take them and post on twitter/tumblr/blogs they will be embeded with the info and link back to Getty and the photographer.

Is this a good or a bad thing?

Craig Peters a business development exec at Getty Images, said "Our content was everywhere already." And he is right, it's hard to disagree that lots of people on the Internet already grab their images for free. At least this way they can be linked back to the source. But does that make it right?

And what about the photographers? Having their images now free for use will lose them income. There is no way to opt out of this either as a photographer. Is this going to cost Getty business? I mean I don't think I will want to submit stock photography since they will be allowing it for use for free.

This is what an embeded photo looks like. You can note that you can also choose to share this on twitter and tumblr. Clicking on the photo itself will bring you to the Getty platform with all the info for this photo. I mean it can in theory be used to promote the photographer, but that isn't why photographers submit photos to stock photography sites, no is it?

So would you still submit photos, do you think this is a good idea?

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