New Look!

I had been wanting to give the blog a face lift for a while, why? Because I felt it needed something different. Now that I finally have my brand spanking new MacBook Pro I could update the look. Neon type colors, a bit of fancy coding, moving around some gadgets.

What do you think?
I wanted something fun, but I also had been itching to mix up the colors. Felt that it was a bit monochromatic with the various greens. So mixing it up with green, blues, purples, yellows.

Oh this means that my tax refund came in finally. I won't lie, I spent a lot of it, but I'm actually feeling really good about what I did spend. I got my fancy new MacBook Pro.

 It's all shiny and fast and pretty. I'm in love with it. Hahaha guess it is going to be my Valentine's Date. Along with some Starbucks as long as the snow goes away. But I also paid my cell bill, put extra money on it, filled my tax, put money in my bank, got Ariel a big girl bed and AJ got a nabi.

But kids are excited about Ariel's bed, though AJ keeps getting told to leave it alone by Ariel yelling "MY BED!" I'm excited cause Ariel actually put herself to sleep in it last night and spent more than half the night in it.

I was damn tired and sore last night but felt happy and productive, which is something I haven't felt in a while.

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