Yo Ho Ho {79/365}

project 365/79

project 365/79

Tonight was a Jack & the Neverland Pirates special, to mark the family pirate fun I decided to have AJ pose with his destiny sword. I really love how the second image came out. I had him wait till he was in focus and framed to hit the button and light up the skull and cross bones, then I removed some but not all of the color. I think it just looks gorgeous.

Project 365

Day 79

TinyPrints 10th Birthday Sale!

There has literally never been a better time to order from TinyPrints.

If you're not familiar with their top-notch, classy stationery, you should be. Whether you need birth announcements, graduation party or baby shower invitations, photo iPad cases or notebooks, and any of your personalized stationery needs, Tiny Prints has it all.

All of their products are customized to your needs. You choose the photos and text to add to their awesome designs and then...you impress the recipients.

Oh and the part about there never being a better time? That's because their birthday is this week and from now through March 4, they are giving you the gift of 30% off everything. That's their best deal of the year.

Visit them now and choose from any of their products and when you check out, use the promo code BDAY10 to save 30%.

Happy Shopping!

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The Tale of Barbie

I had read a few articles about Barbies recently, some were surprising, some made sense, some were kind of disheartening. But mostly it reassured me that Barbie as a toy has a history that is explainable and mostly practical. I may have thought of writing an post about it but didn't know if anyone would be interested in reading it, till one of my friends on FB made a post.
The only fashion dolls I let my daughter have are the monster dolls. That way, if she ever comments on how skinny they are, I can say, "Thats because they're supposed to look dead."
That's when I let her know the few things I had found out about Miss Barbie, and decided to share what I've learned.

The Origin of Barbie

via flickr

Meet Bild Lilli, the doll that the original Barbie was modeled after. Bild Lilli was an adult gag toy in German. She was based off a comic strip about basically a gold digger. Her tag line was "whether more or less naked, Lilli is always discreet." She was a men's toy, she would be commonly be given during Bachelor parties.

Ruth Handler came across her during traveling and recalled her daughter Barbara and friends playing with paper dolls, making believing to be teenagers. She realized that there was nothing in between for girls to experiment with growing up. Dolls were baby dolls. She believed this make believe of playing with a grown body was important and she brought home Bild Lilli, well two, one for her daughter and one for her.

She then made some modifications to the doll design and introduced Barbie the Teen Age Fashion doll.

 Body Issues 

There has been a lot of talk over Barbie's curvy figure. There was even a study done that proved her unrealistic body is detrimental to a young girl's body image. Which when you consider the reason the maker brought Barbie to life is a little funny.

I mean Ruth Handler made Barbie to introduce girls into their growing bodies, what an adult body looks like, to let them make believe that in a safe way. Now fast forward a few decades and she actually makes some girls self esteem flounder cause they don't look like the completely unrealistic Barbie. No seriously if barbie were a person with those dimensions she wouldn't be able to support her own life, or even hold her head up.

One of the head designers told about Barbie's body though, and it make me go oh I get that. She said that basically Barbie is a clothing hanger, and yes while that sounds bad, give it a minute. She also goes on to say that though Barbie's shape has changed somewhat over the years she will never have a more realistic body (not that she was ever meant to) for one big reason.

Barbie is family

Barbie has history. Your mom probably had a Barbie, your grandma might have had one. Your aunt, your older cousin. She's been around for decades. While some of us may not have the Barbies of our youth, we might have their clothes, or vice versa. I have both.

Now I know you're probably rolling your eyes saying what does that have to do with anything?

Because they want you to do this! They want your old Barbies to be able to wear the newer clothes. They want you to be able to hand down your old Barbie clothes and them fit the newer Barbies. They want to keep this history of Barbie around. They want to make sure that you can share your Barbie with your kids, and your kids can share them with their kids.

That to me is a good reason for Barbie to have her unrealistic figure.

Also you know she is just a doll.  ^.^

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Becoming a Mermaid #MermaidMonday

Yes I finally got started on my mermaid scales. We got the outline done, we as in my friend Ken that is doing my tattoo. People have been wondering why I'm driving to PA to get them done (that's where his shop is). This is why...

This is a panoramic of the awards on his wall. Most of them are first or second place awards. Plus there's this...

This is the kick ass Yoda he did, the lightsaber has UV ink by the way. You may have seen this floating around the internet actually. I see if quite often.

By the way you can see his shop's site here Intimate Body Art. Definitely worth the trip. I also want to dog-nap his Moonshine, she's such a sweetheart and the first big dog Ariel actually plays with.

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Little Girl {75/365}

project 365/75

This photo is from Saturday night, I've been a bit spotty getting back into the habit of doing the Project 365. But I'm getting there. Saturday was a hectic day. There was some rough housing and Ariel wound up needing to go to the ER. She is fine, but she had a little deep cut on her forehead, thankfully no stitches were needed, they had to glue it shut though.

Project 365

Day 75

END7 {Sevenly}

About The Charity

END7 is an international advocacy campaign seeking to eliminate seven neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by 2020. The seven most common NTDs are elephantiasis, river blindness, trachoma, snail fever, hookworm, whipworm and roundworm.

Read more on Sevenly

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Oh yay (the sarcasm) #iPPP

We got yet more snow today. Now there is going to be freezing rain tomorrow. Can you see my excitement (where is that sarcasm font?).

I managed to get out and go to Barnes & Noble after picking up my friend Dave. Lattes and books make everything all better. Apparently I was Dave today though.

He was sort of amazed when he found out the trains in the kids section talk. It was very amusing.

I went and hung out with my tattoo artist friend the other day and kind of fell in love with his dog. Even Ariel warmed up to her in record time.


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Big Girl {72/365}

Project 365/72

I'm back! Got my new MacBook Pro and getting back into it.

Project 365

Day 72

One Infograph to Rule Them All!

Click to Enlarge Image

CustomMade A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings Infographic

A Geeky Guide to Magical Rings Infographic by CustomMade

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New Look!

I had been wanting to give the blog a face lift for a while, why? Because I felt it needed something different. Now that I finally have my brand spanking new MacBook Pro I could update the look. Neon type colors, a bit of fancy coding, moving around some gadgets.

What do you think?
I wanted something fun, but I also had been itching to mix up the colors. Felt that it was a bit monochromatic with the various greens. So mixing it up with green, blues, purples, yellows.

Oh this means that my tax refund came in finally. I won't lie, I spent a lot of it, but I'm actually feeling really good about what I did spend. I got my fancy new MacBook Pro.

 It's all shiny and fast and pretty. I'm in love with it. Hahaha guess it is going to be my Valentine's Date. Along with some Starbucks as long as the snow goes away. But I also paid my cell bill, put extra money on it, filled my tax, put money in my bank, got Ariel a big girl bed and AJ got a nabi.

But kids are excited about Ariel's bed, though AJ keeps getting told to leave it alone by Ariel yelling "MY BED!" I'm excited cause Ariel actually put herself to sleep in it last night and spent more than half the night in it.

I was damn tired and sore last night but felt happy and productive, which is something I haven't felt in a while.

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Mother's Therapy Organics #Review

Mother's Therapy Organics reached out to me to review their organic hand sanitizer and germ-fight'n hand lotion, and I got to tell you I'm loving this stuff. First off I love that it's organic, who doesn't love something natural. But they are also a woman owned company that strives to give parents a healthy choice for their families.

The lotion is a nice clean smell and leaves your hands not greasy or oily. And the hand sanitizer is awesome! Usually hand sanitizer has that sharp smell and dries your hands out. Well not this one! It's got the nice cucumber smell and almost feels like a lotion when you put it on. I use it all the time.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Received this product to review for free, all opinions are my own.

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Know the Blog You Are Pitching Too!

I know I'm not the only blogger that has to deal with this, but it's annoying all the same. What is annoying you ask? Getting pitch after pitch email about something that is completely wrong for my blog! I mean sometimes it's a well intended mistake, offering me a product that I just don't see as a fit for my blog. But what really gets me is the constant pitch emails for couples, for marriage tips, marriage consulting, tips for divorced couples (though honestly I can kind of understand this one).

The problem with these pitch emails? I'm a single mom! I am not married, not in a relationship.

It's like have you even looked at my blog before emailing me? Or for the ones that I sign up for do you not check the part where it says SINGLE. Cause I'm sure to check it every time. I mean I can understand that you have a lot of things on your plate and tons of emails to send, but to make sure that you get what you want out of it, I just can't understand why you wouldn't look at the blog you are pitching to. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Two seconds on my site would show you that sending me a pitch for marriage tips wouldn't be a good fit.

Third line in my little mini bio says SINGLE MOM. So this means that in addition to not reading at least the about page of my blog, it means you haven't even looked at my blog. Which drastically lowers my desire to even work with you on a pitch that would be a good fit. I mean would you like to work with someone that hasn't even bothered to check you out?

I mean when I get a pitch email and I think it would work for my blog, I check out their site at the very least before even asking about compensation or a product to review, which is a must if you want me to write something up for you. I love the companies that say oh we don't have the budget for that, it's like umm ok but I don't work for free. Anywoo that's a different story.

I don't just blindly agree to something, I want to make sure it's a good fit, I check them out, even if it's just a minute on their site to get a feel for it. Meaning I would appreciate the same when sending pitch emails. Not to mention you are going to get a better chance of a positive reply to your pitch if you actually know that it's a good fit.

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Faerie Life #iPPP

Can I just say that I am so done with snow? Ugh.

The plows sometimes forget our road till later on.


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My Valentine Date

As long as I get paid on time, I will be picking up this cute little mug and having myself a latte date for Valentines Day. Sorry for the product link, but it was just too cute! I love this mug and the whole image.

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Shop Updates

Since I can't really do custom designs till I get my new MacBook Pro and since I'm starting to see more photographers seeing prints on Etsy I decided to renew my prints listings. I will be adding more. Here are some for now.

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Plus Sized Mermaids

Why? Cause I have a sense of humor. And no matter what you throw at me I'm going to keep being me.  =)

(images found on google image search if yours let me know livingfaerie@gmail.com)

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Happy Imbolc!

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Kids at Play

Caution: Kids at Play

My kids are always playing, always making believe, or doing something silly. Yesterday we went from Princesses to Pirates then Faeries. I love they're imagination, it's amazing. AJ will take a show or a game and then making this elaborate imagination game.

It is very rare to find the Faerie kids not in motion. They are almost always moving. Even in their sleep! They may watch TV for a few minutes but then they run around like manics. Ariel has a fierce belief in her wings, she keeps trying to make them work.

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